Firm profile

Kovács Tüzép Kft. is a traditional Hungarian family business. The company owns 6 retail shops which are located in the area of Tisza-lake and Eger.

The firm has consistenly been developing its shops and expanding its whole network. Kovács Tüzép works together with nearly 200 resellers in Hungary - which is why the wholesale business plays an important role. The company was set up in Slovakia in 2009 with the purpose of building up a similar network to Hungary.

Products and Quality

Kovács Tüzép's product line is extraordinarily wide; in the field of tiling it assures prominently high-range from the cheapest category to the luxury category. The company also sells auxiliary materials for tiling and a lot of bathroom supplies (bathroom cabinets, shower cabins etc.).

The company deals with the sale of conventional building materials as well. In 2007, Kovács Tüzép joined the nationwide collective Új-Ház group which is one of the most significant building material chains in Hungary.

The business has continually been making its range wider by developing the tiling and building material industry. We give preference to the applications of leading building technology and promote their methods in the marketplace. In pursuit of greater development, management takes part in several international professional fairs and exhibitions.

Firm Philosophy

Our most important values are delivering high-quality goods - at reasonable prices and unbeatable value - and providing the highest level of customer service. Kovács Tüzép has made the effort to sell its products in every quality category at the best price, producing its own brands and using unique supply chains.


The company has a firm footing in every field. Kovács Tüzép's employees are the best-trained and most highly-skilled experts in their profession. The business's sales representatives keep in close contact with clients, to help achieve a common goal (developing new products, making sales known, handling of complaints etc.).

Kovács Tüzép Awards In 2004 and in 2008, the company won the Üzlet és Siker Minősített Vállalkozása prize, which is issued by one of the most respected economic magazines (Figyelő) in Hungary. Kovács Tüzép is also qualified by ISO 9001

Firm Information/Data:
Invoice address:
Kovács Tüzép Kft.
H-3388 Poroszló, Rákóczi út 36.
VAT-Numbers: HU 11174015
Bank: OTP Bank Rt. Tiszafüred
Bank account number (HUF): 11745059-20007511

International contacts (English/German speaking):
Viktor Kovács
Wholesale Manager
Mobil: +36-30-2409552
Fax: +36-36-515916